Friday, December 28, 2007


Organized chaos! That is how I describe Christmas at our house. We always start at our house but then end up at my sister's house. After all the kids wake up and get to see what Santa brought and then play with it awhile we load every other present in the car along with the kids and head to my sisters to open them. My parents do the same with there gifts. So the kids have to wait hours to open their gifts every year. Okay maybe not hours but a little while at least. Christmas morning we finally opened gifts about noon. Everyone was thrilled with what they got. (Which was too much!) My parents really enjoyed shopping this year. Santa brought Madison got a kitchen which she was thrilled with. She actually just stood and looked at it for a full minute before going over to it. He brought Taylor a moon chair and puppy alarm clock (it barks to wake you up) and Caleb got a big wheel. Once we opened presents there was much more excitement! Taylor and Caleb got new Bibles. Caleb got 3 road rippers and a remote controlled spiderman car. The car was from Pops (and I think Pops liked it as much as Caleb). Madison got a new princess blanket and pillow. Matt got a new tripod/monopod (which I think is the only thing he cared about!) and a new book about Tony Dungy. I got scrapbook stuff (which is what I cared about) and clothes. The kids got a bunch of new clothes too. Anyway it was great. We also had an awesome meal, flank steak and for dessert chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas to dip in it!! Yummy!