Monday, January 28, 2008

Yummy Cupcakes!

Yesterday our church though a shower for Sara. She is also in our Heart to Heart group. 6 of us helped host the shower which was so much fun. I love looking at all the little baby things I no longer have laying around my house. Anyway Ginger ordered these wonderful cupcakes from Sam's. There were some left over and Sara was kind enough to send some home with the hostess's as she didn't want to take home that many cupcakes. Well my kids loved them. They weren't able to eat them last night but tonight after dinner that was their dessert. This was a treat as we don't have dessert on a regular basis. Here are some pictures of the kids really enjoying their cupcakes! (Madison especially enjoyed hers as you can see from the pictures)

Sara, my kids and myself (b/c of the great pics I got) thank you for sharing with us!


Ginger said...

Very cute pictures of Madison! Those cupcakes were GOOD!

Sara said...

If I had taken a picture last night of Laura eating her cupcake, it would be very similar to your kids!!

aprillong said...

Too funny and too cute! I love it! (My kids enjoyed their cupcakes, too...but they only ate the icing off the top!)

aytes5 said...

Madison only ate the icing as well. She licked it off while holding the cupcake. The cupcake bottom broke off so she just sat it o the table and continued licking the icing off. Too funny! Taylor and Caleb ate all of theirs though.

Traveling Woman said...

Great pics. Thanks for posting. The railroad your mom is talking about is the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, out of Bryson City, NC. I am sure the kiddos would enjoy it with you.
Also the Big South Fork Railroad is fun. It is in Whitley City, KY