Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a Week!

It was a crazy week at our house last week. Wasn't any extra time to blog not that much interesting happened anyway :) My mom had knee surgery on Tuesday, everything went very well and she is doing excellent! She has weeks of rehab ahead of her but it looks good so far. Also Matt's mom met with her surgeon on Tuesday. She is going to be having a lumpectomy on Tuesday and then after about a 2 week recovery will start radiation therapy. She shouldn't have to go through chemo unless the cancer is found in her lymph nodes. They will biopsy them on Tuesday after they remove them during the lumpectomy. For a cancer diagnosis, she got a good one. We are very thankful for the blessings that we experienced. Matt's job hunt (one that he actually enjoys and that has good pay) is on-going. We hope that this prayer will soon be answered. I was talking with Matt's mom this afternoon and she was saying there are always "bumps" in the road of life (I am thinking we need to call TDOT about having ours repaved :) One a light note our kids continue to amaze us and make us laugh. Caleb and Madison especially tend to be funny (Taylor is more serious like her daddy). A few weeks ago when we were traveling with my parents and trying to decide where to eat Caleb really made us laugh. Taylor really wanted to eat at Ryan's but since we were on the interstate between Nashville and Knoxville we weren't sure where the nearest one was. We kept passing signs for restaurants. Taylor kept reading them and calling them out. She saw numerous fast food signs. I said "we aren't eating fast food today, I need a real meal." Caleb responded with "yeah, Taylor no fast food today, we are eating at a slow food place today!" It was too funny! I still laugh every time I think about it. Wish I had my camera out at the moment :)


Ginger said...

Holly- your sweet family is in our prayers. I hope all goes well this week!