Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally on the Mend

Well after a very busy weekend and week things are starting to get back to normal. Matt, Caleb, Madison and myself went to Nashville for the weekend to help out Matt's brother and sister-in-law. Taylor had previous plans to spend the night with 2 of her friends. Nana and Pops offered to keep her Saturday since we wouldn't be back until Sunday so we left her here. We were glad we were able to go and help out Don and Gabby. Don finally got to come home from the hospital. He is doing good but can't stand for very long, it makes his leg hurt. Both our moms are doing well. Recovering nicely from the surgeries and looking forward to being back to the normal selfs. Matt's mom got a great report today from her dr. All the results from the test are good. She will be starting radiation up in a few weeks. She should be good as new though. My mom's knee is slowly healing. Her physical therapist is trying to kill her we think! Well not really it just seems like it most days.

We had a great time getting to entertain our 5 nieces and nephews while in Nashville. We enjoyed playing some games with the older 2-scrabble, 5 crowns, Cranium! Don and Gabby even joined in for a few games once they came home from the hospital. The younger 3 enjoyed playing with Madison and Caleb. I meant to take more pics of them playing but forgot to. Here a few though that I did manage to get.


Sara said...

Glad life is getting back to normal. You have definitely had some crazy weeks lately with sick family members.

Hope to see you at Girl's Night tonight!!