Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pink Palace and Yougurt Mountain

Tuesday while in Memphis we had planned on going to the Zoo and the Pink Palace. Both activities were going to be free...we loved the sound of that since the Memphis Zoo is expensive but is awesome! I had to take my Grandmother to the heart dr that morning for what I thought would be a quick visit but we ended up being their for 5 hrs so we weren't able to do everything we had planned. We figured the zoo would be very crowded that late and also very hot which might keep most of the animals inside so we decided to go to the Pink Palace. It was really cool to take our kids to a place that Matt and I grew up going too. I have many fond memories of going there. Things look pretty much the same...the cool circus exhibit doesn't perform whenever like it used to and the dinosaur that used to move and make noises doesn't anymore (the sign says he is too old and fragile which I think is ridiculous since it could be replaced). The kids had a great time though.

Looking at the circus display

Caleb and Kyle going through the country store

Taylor and Katlyn looking at a display

The kids in one of the rooms in the mansion

This mammoth has been there since I was little

Afterwards we went over to Yogurt Mountain. We had heard all about this place on Facebook and so we had to check it out....it is awesome! It was the first time the kids (and Matt and I) had been anywhere like this. They definitely set the bar high and we haven't found any in Knoxville that are as good.


JenniferL. said...

We have a bazillion of those yogurt type place here (sweet cece's, yolo's, dream berry and a new one opening soon called cool bliss), I can't believe Knoxville doesn't have one.