Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farragut VBS

This was Taylor's 1st year to not attend Farragut's VBS as a participant...she actually worked in the nursery as a helper. She really enjoyed it (mostly b/c she got to see Quinn every day). We love going to this VBS as it is always really good and some of their friends (Will and Sam) go as well! I didn't get any pictures of the inside decorations and I am really sorry b/c they were over the top! At the end of the week they always have a closing ceremony where the kids sing a few songs they have learned during the week and then a carnival with a bounce house, huge slide and junk food galore! It is every kids paradise! This year Amy, Aaron and their girls joined us for the closing ceremony.

Caleb enjoying a blue snow cone

Coy enjoying the playground

Madison and Clara

Sam stopped long enough for a quick picture...didn't get any of Will though


Cindy said...

I'm so glad you introduced us to Farragut's many years ago now? 3? The boys look forward to it every year, especially since your kids are there with them. :)