Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Edisto Island Part 3

Matt and his dad wanted to play some golf while we were there (I can't really blame them as the course at the resort was beautiful and I am not even a golfer). Nona, the kids and I enjoyed sleeping in a bit and having a relaxing breakfast before heading over to the pool overlooking the golf course. There were multiple pools to choose from and this one was by far our favorite! It was a huge pool and was 10 feet deep on one end so Taylor and Caleb were able to dive while Madison was able to enjoy the shallow end which was 3 feet. Caleb got really brave and was doing back-flips off the side of the pool...this made me so nervous since the only other times he has done back-flips was off the diving board down at UT's pool.

The setting was really nice. I wish I had taken more pictures. There were 3 ping pong tables under a covered area at the pool as well as a snack bar. There also was an alligator in the pond behind the pool (don't worry, there was a fence between the pond and pool so the alligator couldn't come over and try out that water). He didn't move much the whole day, only shifted his position a few times. There were all these turtles swimming around him and he wasn't even paying them attention.

After the guys got down with golf and came over to the pool we got out and headed back to our condo to get cleaned up. We had planned on driving over to Sullivan's Island right outside Charleston (which was about 45 minutes away) to enjoy dinner at our favorite resturant, Sullivan's! We love this place..very family friendly, wonderful food, great prices and the staff is great! It was a great way to end our day! We finished dinner with pieces of the best Key Lime Pie...Caleb even licked the plate clean! The resturant sells t-shirts with their name and logo on it so after dinner we picked out new t-shirts. Everyone got one but Matt and Nona...I forgot to get a picture of the kids and me in ours.


Notsopc said...

I didn't realize that you were so close to Charleston.. I lived there for a year back when.. I loved the pool.. I'd like that in my backyard.. no alligators though...