Saturday, July 16, 2011

Edisto Island Part 2

The 2nd day at the beach we headed over to the Atlantic side (one side of the island is on an inlet where there are no big waves and that is where we spent the 1st day). I was afraid Madison wouldn't like the big waves crashing in but she did pretty well...Caleb and Taylor loved it though and would go way out with Matt and Peepaw. Madison liked to stay where the water wouldn't knock her over. We had so much fun that day just playing in the water and sand and soaking up the sun!

Just letting the waves barely touch her

Taylor found a completely intact conch shell

This man was feeding bread to the seagulls from his hand

Everyone looking for conch shells

Madison running from the waves

I love this picture of Madison just sitting there watching the waves

Waiting for the waves

And the wave hits

Where are Caleb and Matt?

There they are..both fine!

Unsuspecting Matt and Peepaw get hit by an huge wave!

The kids with Nona and Peepaw

The seagulls would come so close

This seagull had swallowed some fishing lure(we feed him some cheez-its to see if he could eat and he was able to)

Building sandcastles and burying Madison's legs

After spending the whole day at the beach we went back to our house and cleaned up and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at McConkey's Jungle Shack. They had the best fish tacos..could have eaten there every night!

After dinner we headed back to the beach to look for seashells and crabs

The kids saw this dead horseshoe crab and had to investigate. Right after Caleb flipped it over he ran! He was expecting an empty shell not for the crab's body to still be in. It was hilarous!