Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Arcade, Mud Island and The Peabody

On Wednesday we had a full day planned. Taylor and Caleb had spent the night with Jennifer and her kids. We planned on meeting them downtown for lunch and then some sight-seeing. We all headed downtown in 2 different vehicles (from 2 different locations). Matt, Madison and I spent about 45 minutes driving around downtown trying to locate Jennifer...they were on one end of downtown and we were on the other but couldn't figure out how to get to them. It was crazy...finally they ended up taking the trolley down to where Matt, Madison and I were. It was quite an eventful start to our day!

We ate lunch/breakfast at The Arcade which is the oldest resturant in Memphis. It was really neat.

They serve breakfast all day so half of us got breakfast and half of us had lunch...I had The Rainmaker which was a fabulous club sandwich. Caleb and Madison had fun Mickey Mouse Shaped pancakes.

After lunch we enjoyed a few fun hours on Mud Island. It hasn't changed at all! The end that has the "gulf of mexico" was pretty nasty still from flooding (that end of the island had been under water due to all the rain). The kids had so much fun "walking" down the Mississippi River.

Matt and I with the "M" bridge in the background

The girls

Caleb and buddies!

After Mud Island we went over to Kooky Kanuck and had skillet cookies! They were wonderful. We were so busy eating that I didn't remember to take a picture!

Afterwards we wandered over to The Peabody to see the ducks...this is a popular tourist attraction! The lobby was so crowded since the ducks were just about ready to head back to their house on the rooftop.

The duck's house

All the kids on the rooftop of The Peabody

A family picture


JenniferL. said...

Such a fun day!