Thursday, June 30, 2011

Memphis Day 1

Matt had to report for duty in Memphis when he got done with Basic Training for a few days and then he had drill the next weekend there. The kids and I had planned to go down and be with him once school was over but we had a small change in plans. Matt's return flight was accidently booked to Knoxville but he still had to report to Memphis Tuesday morning so Madison and I accompanied him to Memphis and the other 2 stayed here to finish school. My parents brought them to Memphis on Friday.

While in Memphis we had planned to do some fun things with one of my childhood friends, Jennifer. She happens to have 2 kids that are almost the same age as Taylor and Caleb. Our kids only see each other every now and then but they always pick right up and are the best of friends in just a matter of minutes! Our plans included going to the Memphis Zoo (something I really wanted to do b/c they have an awesome zoo), going to the Pink Palace (something I grew up doing) and exploring Mud Island! We also just planned on spending time hanging out at Luke's house (Jennifer's brother in law). And the kids got to attend the church I grew up and I was able to see lots of people I haven't seen in a long time.

Monday was Memorial Day and we spent the whole day at Luke's house and the kids enjoyed swimming, playing basketball and taking rides on the tractor while the adults enjoyed talking and eating!

Some of the boys playing basketball

Going for a tractor ride



Hope said...

How on earth have you had time to blog today?