Monday, June 27, 2011

Caleb and Madison's 1st Plane Ride

This post should have been before the San Antonio one but I forgot so I am posting it at the end. This was Caleb and Madison's 1st plane ride and they were so excited. The talked about it for weeks. In fact most times Madison wouldn't even mentioning that she was going to be seeing her dad she just talked about getting to ride in a plane. We flew out of Nashville on Southwest b/c they had the best deals and it was a wonderful experience. The kids all got new carry-on's before we left and we were armed with IPOD's, laptops, DS's and new coloring books! The kids were great though.

The Nashville airport before going through security

The kids had all gotten new carry-on's before the trip and were so excited about being responsible for their luggage. Taylor ended up having to help a little b/c Madison's carry-on was a little heavy for her since she was also carrying her backpack and I was lugging Madison's carseat with us as well as my luggage. I almost forgot the little detail of a seat for Madison for our rental car. Carseats or strollers don't count as baggage on southwest. Also we had "checked-in" and printed our boarding passes online so were able to save quite a bit of standing in line (that is the coolest feature and I will use it everytime). Security was a breeze to go through for me and the kids however Matt's mom and dad who were traveling with us both got patted down! The kids thought that was too funny :) The kids enjoyed watching the planes come and go while waiting for our flight. I didn't think to get any pictures of this though.

Finally we were ready to board. We got on and got a seat right on the wing. Taylor, Nona and Peepaw sat in front of Caleb, Madison and me. Caleb got to sit by the window going to TX and he loved it! They were so well behaved and everyone kept commenting on how good they were. They loved the in-flight snack.

The flight back was just as great. Madison got the window seat on the way home and we choose to sit at the back.

Nobody had to use the bathroom on the way down but Caleb had to go on the way home. He loved the tiny bathroom! I on the other hand was a little claustrophbic while in there. About 60 miles outside of Nashville we experience some turblence and had to buckle back up. The kids said it felt like a roller coaster (that wasn't what I was thinking). I love to fly but hate it when it is rough. Over all I couldn't have asked that the kids behave any better than they did. We all can't wait to fly again. Hopefully soon :)


Cindy said...

I LOVE flying...the boys are dying to go on an airplane, too. We haven't worked that out yet. I got to fly several times as a kid, and even still as an adult, it's one of my favorite experiences. There's just nothing like it. My grandpa was a pilot with United for maybe it's in my blood. Glad your flights went so well!

Cindy said...

Could your children be any cuter? Madison looks adorable in those pictures on the plane!! Can't believe she's going to be the first in the group to turn 6!!! I have been looking back at a couple of pictures from playgroup with them sitting on a couch together and the one from the class at church where they are all standing in the cribs. Can't believe they are turning 6.
I only love flying because it gets me from point A to point B quicker than driving. I enjoy the views from the window seat, but don't really enjoy the take off and landing so much.:)