Saturday, June 18, 2011

San Antonio Day 2

Our 2nd day at Lackland was Matt's graduation ceremony and parade. It was such a neat thing to see all the flights march and all the guys/girls take the official was very emotional. The parade grounds were surrounded by old planes...Caleb enjoyed looking at all of them. It was really hard to pick Matt out of the group again...this time he was in the middle instead of near the front.

All the flights at the beginning of the ceremony

Our friend Michelle was easy to spot b/c she was on the end

This is Matt's flight between the two flags

After the ceremony was over we again were allowed to "tap our Airmen out" and then they were allowed to take us to the barracks and show us around. The kids enjoyed seeing where Matt had lived (and ate and studied). The accommodations were sparse but boy were they clean. The kids thought it was so cool.

Matt's home for 9 weeks.

Matt's looked so uncomfortable

Everything was organized and had to be done a certain way...if not there were consequences

The shower...the kids couldn't believe it was just a room with 8 shower heads in the wall. Caleb said "you had to shower with a bunch of strangers!"

After touring the dorms Matt was released for a half day in town. We went back to our resort and enjoyed just hanging out. Matt enjoyed taking a real shower for the first time in 9 weeks...he said they were only given a short time to take a shower and that the water pressure and temp was pitiful. Matt asked for steak for dinner so we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Longhorn Steakhouse before dropping him back at the base for then evening. It was a wonderful day. I didn't get any pictures of our afternoon off base b/c I was busy enjoying spending time with Matt.


Andrea said...

Ick on the bed! Also, I folded our families laundry growing up and my dads socks and underwear had to be folded a certain way. Even though he got out of the Navy when I was 7, to this day they are still folded the military way :)