Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Matt had an all day town pass on Saturday so his parents picked him up from the base and brought him to the resort. The kids were able to sleep in which was good since we had to get up so early both Thursday and Friday. When they woke up their dad was there....a very nice surprise!

We decided to spend the morning sight seeing before it got too hot since Matt was in full uniform (the cool spell we had the previous 2 days had ended). There were lots of other airmen out and about. Matt introduced us to a few of them. It was so funny to hear them called by their last names...Matt said he didn't even know most of their first names.

Our 1st stop was The Alamo (there are no pics of us in there b/c you aren't allowed to take pictures inside)

The next stop was The Riverwalk. We started on one end and walked down about halfway before finding the place to buy tickets to ride the boats down the Riverwalk.

These fountains were at one end of the Riverwalk..good picture op!

Cool sculpture made of glass bowls

The Riverwalk

The kids on our boat

Alfred, our boat guide...he was hilarious :)

A cool mosaic mural that was donated to the city years ago

A beautiful old church

This band was playing on one end of the Riverwalk

After our boat ride we enjoyed dinner at Chili's right there on the water. We all really enjoyed the day even with it being close to 100 degrees. I would love to go back sometime w/o the kids (or when they are older) and explore more of San Antonio. It is such a neat city full of history (and I am a history nerd)! We really enjoyed our 1st family outing in 9 weeks!


Cindy said...

I'm glad you got to see the Alamo after all! Texas is one of those places I've never been, but am curious to see. And, I never knew you were a history nerd! :)

Cindy said...

I love the Riverwalk!!! The last time I was there, I was pregnant with Lauren. I can't believe you ate at Chili's with all the wonderful Mexican restaurants in Texas! Sometimes it's hard to pick a good Mexican place if you don't know anything about the choices. I don't remember the name of the Mexican place we chose, but we ate outside right on the river. It was yummy!!!
I didn't know you were a history nerd, either. You don't look nerdy at all!:)

Holly Aytes said...

I am a total history nerd. Normally on vacations I make us go somewhere and learn something about the history of the area. Sometimes the kids are receptive and other times not. Cindy, we had planned on eating a mexican place that had been recommended (can't remember the name right now, Casa something) but we didn't realize how much time had slipped by and Matt had to be back and Chili's was easy to get in and out of so we could get him back to the base on time. Next time we are going to try some new places though :)