Saturday, July 3, 2010

Madison Turns 5!

This past Monday my sweet baby turned 5! I am not sure where the time has gone....seems like we just brought home our tiny, dark haired bundle and now we have a tiny, blond princess! We just had our family and the Tomlinson's over on Monday for dinner and cake. Madison requested I make bbq and she wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles. She is having a birthday party in a couple of weeks at Jumppity Jump...she has been planning this party since last year. It was nice to have a laid back evening where the adults could talk and the kids could play. We didn't even get many pictures since everyone was having such a great time.

Madison blowing out her candle

Madison is our "surprise" baby. We were planning on having another at that point...Caleb had just turned 1 and I was enjoying him so much. We were dealing with Pam's death and just trying to get through each day the best we could when we found out we were pregnant. I don't know now what I would do without her. She is my constant companion. I rarely go anywhere w/o her....her favorite place to be is right by my side. She drives me bonkers sometimes but I wouldn't trade her for anything! She is spoiled rotten and used to get her way...that is our fault though and we are working on it :) She is absolutely hilarious! I am so thankful to be her mommy and I am so glad that God gave her to us even though it wasn't our timing!

Happy Birthday Sweet Madison! We love you baby girl!


Andrea said...

:) Surprise babies are the best. Jackson was just 12 months when I found I was pregnant with Sam. While Madison is your hip, Sam is his daddy's boy, looks just like him too! Happy birthday sweet baby girl!!!!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday, Madison! Can't believe she is 5!!