Friday, July 16, 2010

Swim Lessons Completed!

The kids finished their swim lessons on Thursday. All 3 did really well and accomplished new things. Taylor's strokes are great and again this year we were approached about her joining Pilot's Swim Team that meets there at UT. It is such a huge commitment though and I am not sure we as a family are willing to do that. It would require practice down at UT Monday - Thursday from 8:00-10:30 AM as well as meets twice a week. That is alot both for Taylor and for me! It is something we are going to think about for next year though. It was kinda sad though b/c Anna graduated in May and will not be teaching lessons next year at UT, well unless she hasn't found a "real" job as she calls it! Caleb's strokes definitely improved. He can swim the whole lap length which is pretty impressive for a 7 yr old...not sure I could swim the length of lap! He perfected a back flip off the diving board and I got it on camera! He is fearless! And Madison is a different child. She started off lessons clinging to Anna and ended by swimming on her own short distances, floating on her back w/o assistance and jumping off the diving board with no floats! Matt and I are so proud of her b/c she was really afraid! We had a "end of swim lessons" party with Cindy M, Lauren, Allison, Cindy T, Will, Sam, Amy T, Clara and Coy that included a trip to UT Gardens for a picnic lunch and some playing followed by a trip to the top of the Sun Sphere and ended with a walk through the Art Museum. That will be a different post though b/c I got some great pics and I don't want this post to a book!

The kids traded Silly Bandz with Anna on the last day!

Caleb swimming a lap by himself!

Caleb doing a back flip!

Taylor and Anna

Caleb with his teacher Leslie, we didn't get a picture with his other teacher John

Madison swimming and loving it!

Madison jumped off the diving board 3 times!

Madison with her teachers Anna and Gabe

All 3 kids with Anna!


Cindy said...

I'm so impressed with all 3 of your kids' progress! Such fish, they are. :) Maybe the Benington/Farrington swim team would be easier for you guys to get to and from. Wendy said you don't have to be a member of the pool to do swim team there. :)