Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are off to a pretty good start. The older 2 really didn't need them but wanted them....actually what they wanted was to jump off the high dive. We took lessons last year at UT. Taylor and Caleb both know how to swim, their lessons are more for perfecting the different strokes. Madison is terrified of the water if you take her floats. She was doing good last year after lessons but has regressed over the winter. She did remarkably well for her 1st day. She had the same teacher that she had last year which really helped. Also Sam, Lauren and Allison are in the class right next to hers. I was so proud that she jumped off the side on the 1st day and the other 2 went right off the high dive like pros!

Taylor working on her freestyle

Caleb had swam all the way out to his teacher with no help...they were surprised at how well he swam for his age!

Taylor dove off the diving board..her form is great!

Taylor going off the high dive

Caleb going off the high dive...he goes straight down!

Madison wanted to use a noodle the 1st day so Gabe let her

Madison jumping to Anna


Cindy said...

My girls are loving swim lessons. I think they have even more fun because their friends are there. Great picture of Taylor's dive! I'm glad our babies are doing well with their lessons!:) See you tomorrow.

April said...

I'm glad lessons are going so well. I loved seeing the pictures of the kids jumping in and diving in!