Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swim Lesson Update!

Swim lessons are going great! The oldest 2 are fish and loving every minute of lessons. Their favorite part is getting to dive off the diving boards at the end. They both love the regular and the high dive. Caleb has mastered a back flip off the low dive and is so proud of himself...we are too! The first time he tried he landed with a flop on the water and I thought he might not try it again but he did and his practice has paid off! His teachers were thoroughly impressed with him and I feel bad b/c I didn't get a picture of it just video which I have no idea how to upload! Taylor has finally mastered the flip-turn and is so proud and again we are too! She also successfully dove to the bottom of the 15 ft and retrieved 3 rings :) It is amazing to me how much they want to try and then practice until they can do it!

Caleb loves the high dive!

He makes a pretty big splash for such a little guy!

Taylor always holds her nose!

She makes the butterfly stroke look so effortless

Madison is doing great too! She is still not as comfortable in the water as Taylor and Caleb but she doesn't freak out and no longer needs her wings or puddle jumper. She still uses a noodle or kickboard to go out very far. She will jump in and today she went off the diving board. She tried yesterday but just couldn't do it however today she just walked to the end and jumped off! There was much cheering from me, Nana and Pops as well as a reward of a frosty and new toy! Tomorrow is our last day and I will be kinda sad. It will be nice not to have to get up so early but I love watching the kids having fun in the water!

Gabe trying to talk Madison into jumping to Anna..he didn't succeed!

Madison jumping off today!


April said...

Cool pictures, Holly! My favorite is the one of Taylor doing the butterfly stroke. I'm glad you all have enjoyed lessons so much. We did, too! I enjoyed reading all about the progress your kids have made. Excellent!!! They really are little fish!

Gabby said...

Go Madison!!!!