Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This past Sunday wrapped up our VBS at church. It was a little different this year and was a hit with most people. Caleb wasn't feeling it though and didn't attend all week. The kids ages 3 through Kindergarten learned some new songs and performed them after church on Sunday. The older kids (1st grade through 5th grade) put on a musical production called LOST..but Now I Am Found! If you didn't want a speaking part you could help work on sets or costumes. Taylor auditioned for a lead and got it. She had quite a few lines to learn and some new songs too. The the play was about 30 minutes long and was wonderful! Those kids worked so hard, only getting to practice the whole thing together once on Friday night. Taylor got the part of "Sweety Waters" which was like Mrs Hal from Gilligans Island. I am super proud of her for learning all those lines and then getting up in front of everyone at church and performing! Taylor you are definitely growing up into a beautiful young lady....I am so proud to be your mom!

Taylor modeling her costume

Madison singing away while also making sure that I was not moving from my seat

Taylor as "Sweety Waters"



Cindy said...

Great pictures of the program. Taylor did such a great job with the part of "Sweety". She really is a sweetie!

Sara said...

I'm impressed with Laurel's VBS! Good for Taylor for taking a role--that is such a great example to others!