Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes, we went to Dollywood again!

As you can tell Dollywood is a theme on my blog...we love going and get season passes every year. When we get our season passes we always receive some "free" coupons. June is Kids Fest so we had 4 tickets to get a child in free. We took our nephew the 1st weekend he was here and planned on taking our nieces once they got here. This was a first for them as they had only been to Dollywood one other time and it was a Christmas a few years ago so they really hadn't experienced the park. The only day we could do it was Father's Day. We prayed it wouldn't be too crowded and thought it probably wouldn't b/c it was going to be so hot. We were right...there was only a wait on 1 ride, The River Rampage which neither Shelby or Madison wanted to ride. We enjoyed the kiddie area for awhile and then headed on over to Adventure Mountain again and some of the roller coaster/water rides. The oldest 4 loved Adventure Mountain and would have stayed for hours. The 2 little ones enjoyed the kiddie Adventure Mountain so it worked out well. Riley decided he wanted to ride his upside down roller coaster...I was concerned he might need new underwear when he got off (and I wasn't convinced he would ride once he got up there)! He surprised us all by riding it and not needed new underwear! After that he felt like he could conquer the world and rode Thunderhead and Timber Tower! We were so proud of him as he is afraid of heights so this was a HUGE accomplishment for him :) We have loved having them visit with us and look forward to doing it again next year!

Matt with 5 of our 6 kids riding Shooting Star...they all loved this one!

Matt, Caleb, Nona, Riley, Taylor and Kelsey rode Daredevil Falls numerous times

All of us atop Adventure Mountain

We got soaked on River Battle but they had so much fun!

Matt, Taylor and Riley on Timber Tower

Matt and his babies on Father's Day

The whole gang!

Matt, Riley and Taylor on Thunderhead


Hope said...

WOW. Some of those rides have empty seats. Even I would ride and have fun if the crowd was that small!