Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This past weekend we decided to take our nephew to Dollywood for the day. He has only been once before and it was at Thanksgiving so he got to experience a new side of Dollywood. We were thrilled to go too as there is a new section open called Adventure Mountain. It is a ropes obstacle course that is a blast! Madison isn't big enough to do it yet but they have a smaller course set up on the ground that she had a blast conquering! We have had the best luck lately at Dollywood with hardly any crowds and absolutely no waits on the rides! It was really hot on Sunday but we just hit a water attraction whenever we got hot.

A trip to Dollywood wouldn't be complete w/o riding Thunderhead!

The kids love shooting the riders on River Battle with water guns stationed around the ride!

Riley found out that the riders can shoot you too!

The entrance to Adventure Mountain

Taylor crossing Geyser Gorge!

Riley crossing one of the obstacles

The whole gang!

Caleb decided to try one of the harder ropes and did it all by himself!

Matt, Caleb, Taylor and Riley rode Daredevil Falls

And loved it!

Madison enjoyed the sprinklers while Matt took the other 3 on The Slidewinder

Sweet girl!

The whole gang enjoying the sprinklers!

Madison on the little tot version on Adventure Mountain

I took the kids on Adventure Mountain the 2nd time on a different course....this attraction is a workout!