Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sprinkler Park Fun!

Friday was another hot day with temps in the upper 90's and I only had Madison, Kelsey and Shelby so we decided to head to the nearby sprinkler park to try and cool off. It wasn't very crowded and the girls had a blast running around staying cool. Shelby isn't a fan of having water spray her in the face but she warmed up quickly and had a good time once she saw the Kelsey and Madison having fun (and she got hot real quick).

Shelby is standing as close to Madison and Kelsey as possible w/o actually getting in the spray!

Having to stand on those tiptoes to use the seahorse!

She finally got hot enough to brave the sprinklers!

Taking a water break!

Kelsey manning the wheel that made the bucket dump on everyone!


Andrea said...

What as awesome idea!!! No sand, no chance of a kid falling in the pool! Just good sprinkler fun! I want to open one!!!