Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sprinkler Park

Yesterday after berry picking we went and enjoyed a couple of hours at the Sprinkler Park :) The kids really enjoyed it (except Shelby) and there was hardly anyone else there! I highly recommend going late in the afternoon....we went a little before 5:00 and left at almost 7:00. It did make for a late dinner but was worth it and ok since we didn't have to get up early the next morning.

Riley enjoying the sprinklers

Kelsey dancing

Sweet Madison (I love this picture)

Caleb being silly :)

Caleb and Riley spraying other people :)

Madison and Kelsey playing


Madison trying to squirt someone :) She could barely reach the handle!

Madison playing and Shelby watching (this was as close as she got to the water)


Gabby said...

awwww!! That is called No nap! She is a frump when she doesnt get her nap! LOL!!! I miss my babies! Glad you all are having a good time!!!

Holly Aytes said...

she did have small nap on the way to the farm...took us about an hour to get there. we tried to play mini golf on thursday but both her and madison were having multiple melt-downs...they hadn't had a nap at all :)

Gabby said...

LOL!!! I believe it!!

angier said...

How fun! Dont you just love sprinkler parks! I told Gabs that is such a great idea to "trade kids"!