Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sprinkler Park Fun!

Yesterday we met some friends at the local Sprinkler Park for some fun and food! It was a little crowded when we got there as a church group was there, however the left not long after we got there and it wasn't as busy. Taylor and Caleb jumped right on in to the sprinkler but Madison was a little more hesitant. She is too little to remember what it was like last time she was there and the water was cold! She kept to the edges where the water barely hit her before finally "plunging" in and getting wet! Once she got used to it she really had fun playing with her friends Sam, Lauren and Ella. Caleb enjoyed playing with Will. And Taylor just played with everyone.

After playing awhile we ate some lunch and celebrated Madison's birthday with cookies! That was her pick. She has such a sweet tooth, the girl loves anything chocolate! So she had picked chocolate chip cookies (I also brought some oatmeal raisin for anyone who wanted to be "healthy") but mostly the chocolate chip were devoured.

We had a really good time playing with friends. Afterwards we went swimming over at Nana and Pops where Madison fell flat on her face. I tried to get a good picture but they didn't turn out too well. She has a knot on her head that is turning a pretty shade of bluish-purple! Just in time for her 3 yr old pictures on Saturday :)

Playing in the water

Taylor and Caleb

Madison and Sam

Sam getting wet!

Taylor and Will hitting the button to drop a bucket of water!

What a cutie!

Caleb and Will dumping the bucket of water.

Caleb "manning" one of the water guns!

Catching water in a bucket.

Lauren catching water in her hat, pretty smart little girl!

Will "manning" one of the guns!

This is one cute kid!

Taylor dumping water on some unsuspecting (or suspecting) soul!

Madison and Lauren

Ella,Madison and Lauren (Madison is so much shorter :)


April said...

Glad everyone had lots of fun. Excellent pics, too! Sorry we had to miss...both kids had gymnastics class. Hope we can join you all sometime soon.

Sara said...

This looks like awesome fun! Thanks for sharing the pics. By the way, I love the shot of your kids at the top of the blog. What a great photo!

Cindy said...

You got some great shots, Holly. We had a lot of funn with you all that day. I was SO TIRED when I got home, and kept thinking of how you were surviving at the pool, too. You crazy woman! Share the energy, please!