Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 year old check-up

Three years ago today we were bringing Madison home.

Today she got to go to the dr! This is never a pleasant experience. I think b/c of how many times she went and all the tests, pokes, and shots she tends to freak out more than other kids. Neither Taylor nor Caleb screamed like she does. I tried to get her used to the idea by telling her we were going to be seeing Dr Fogle in a couple of days ago, that didn't help. She was a nervous wreak! She did ok at the beginning. She hopped up on the scales to be weighed and measured. She loved getting to stand on the big ones like Taylor and Caleb instead of sitting on the "baby scales". She kept saying "I don't want a shot" and luckily she didn't have to get any b/c she was all up to date. She did however have to have her finger poked. She SCREAMED the whole time and then when they were going to put a band aid on it she screamed louder. We chose to forgo the band aid and just hold pressure on it with gauze :) That worked.

Then the dr came in and everything went down hill fast! She again SCREAMED the whole time he listened to her heart and lungs, looked in her ears, eyes, mouth and nose. He was kind enough to let her sit in my lap for all this and you would have thought that would have helped, it didn't!

Everything checked out great with her (though I am not sure how he was able to hear her heart and lungs over the screaming). Her iron is pretty low so they recommended an iron supplement. She is also still tiny weighing in at a whopping 24 lbs and measuring 33 inches tall. She was 1% for height and weight but we will take that as it is the first time we have "officially" been on the scale :)

Madison 3 years ago

and today

I can't believe how much her hair color has changed. It was so dark and now it is as light as the other 2 kiddos!


Ginger said...

What a precious princess!!!! LOVE that picture!! Seriously, Holly, do you realize how cute she is??

Allison said...

What a precious girl! I already don't enjoy taking Sydney to the doctor and she doesn't even understand what's coming...I teared up last time she got her shots. It doesn't seem right giving such a tiny little one those shots:) Glad Madison made it through the finger pricking. I always thought those hurt worse than shots.

Cindy said...

Such a cutie, that Madison! Way to go, big first percentile!! Woo Hoo!!!

Gabby said...

Bless her and mommy! I have been there at the dr. many a time with a screaming youngen!! :) LOL! The bandaid!!!!! HAHA!! You know whats so funny......Shelby scraped her knee yesterday and I pout medicine on it and 3 bandaids b/c it was kind of big for one and she cried when I took it off! LOL! I had to put more on and haven't taken them off today at all and she keeps talking about it to everyone! Look at my knee. She was walking like on her toes on that foot with her leg all hiked up. It was hilarious!! The scrape wasn't even that big! I should have taken a picture of her walking! They are so funny! I dont want her to grow up! I think I am gonna cry now!! :)

Sara said...

I can't believe how much hair she had at birth..it is so pretty and curly now!! Laura is still the same way when we go to the Dr....she starts crying on the drive there and it only escalates as we go inside and then once the Dr. appears in the room. Hoping that will get better!!