Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Hannah is on her way!!!

This morning at 6 am the phone rang...I got to answer it since I was up going to the bathroom (and everyone else was still sleeping). It was Daniel calling to say that Rachel was in labor. She had been having contractions regularly for about 4 hours. They weren't heading to the hospital yet (they are going the natural route and wanted to stay home as long as possible. I wasn't able to go back to sleep....way too excited about becoming an Aunt again :) Nana is getting ready to head to Crossville and I am getting ready to have 5 kids (2 - 3 yr olds, 2 - 5 yr olds and a 7 1/2 yr old) all by myself :)

Hopefully things will go smoothly and quickly (since she is doing this all natural.

We can't wait to meet Hannah.....and see who she looks like :)