Monday, July 28, 2008

Last one...I promise!

On Thursday last week NaNa worked for a couple of hours and I took the kids up to the store to see her. The kids enjoyed rocking out to the music!

And playing with the blocks, Veggie Tales castle and ark

When NaNa got off work we went to Sir Goony's golf for a round on mini-golf. It was a little too hot and the 3 little girls were really too tired so after the 2nd or 3rd melt-down we called it quits and went home. The girls all took naps while Caleb, Riley and I went to Blockbuster and got a couple of movies.

The kids at the beginning of the course (that is Riley's hand sticking up...I didn't even notice you couldn't see him until we got home and I was uploading the pics)!

One of the holes had these tombstones with little mounds...this is what Riley did on that hole...

Caleb and Kelsey in the cave under the waterfall

Madison and Shelby

Caleb, Kelsey and Madison helped make dinner...salmon patties, mac & cheese, corn on the cob and fresh veggies with ranch dipping sauce :)

Kelsey and Caleb making the salmon patties

Madison grating the cheese

And the adults finished dinner with homemade blackberry cobbler (made from the blackberries the kids picked) and vanilla ice cream while the kids had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup :)


Gabby said...

so cute!! I love how they love to cook! I don't ever get them to help here b/c I am not as good a cook as her but oh well. I let them when I can. That cobbler looks awesome!! I am glad we swapped last week. That was fun. I am glad she had a good time. Mine had a great time. Riley said he missed Caleb sunday night and yesterday. LOL!! I love the tombstone pic! :) Goofball! I know you are glad to be back to normal like I am. As fun as it was I was wooped! I know you were too! So, what did you think about all of our things?! You still haven't commented on them!

Ginger said...

Holly- that dinner sounds great- especially the cobbler! I made salmon patties last night for dinner- the kids love them! I am going to have to start doubling my recipe b/c they are eating so many!! Last week I made a peach cobbler, but it didn't turn out as great as I had hoped. I think I just used a bad recipe, b/c the fresh peaches were awesome.