Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fruit and Berry Farm

Today was a busy day filled with some fun activities! We started out with a trip to the Fruit and Berry Farm where we picked blueberries, blackberries, grapes we didn't think that they tasted like grapes) and picked apples off the ground to throw to the horses and goats! After that we went and enjoyed the sprinkler park for a couple of hours! The kids (except Shelby who didn't like the water though we aren't sure why) had a ball. I will save that for another post b/c this post is going to be long enough with just the Berry Farm adventure. We finished our day with baths and a supper of "breakfast" which the kids devoured :)

Posing with a John Deere

Madison was the one that surprised me the most as she normally sticks to my side and today I was forever having to "yell" at her to come back as she would be 20-30 ft ahead of us and you could barely see her in all the vines.

Caleb and Kelsey



NaNa, Caleb, Riley and Kelsey (who is behind the bush) picking blueberries

The little girls taking a break

Checking out the goats and chickens

Throwing apples to the horses

I love this picture of the 2 boys :)

Just a "rockin"

NaNa and Kelsey enjoying their slush's (Kelsey actually didn't like them)

Caleb enjoying his slush

Madison enjoying a slushie :)

Shelby enjoying her strawberry slush


"The "Buddy Club" members


Gabby said...

So cute!! The buddy club members!!! LOL!! goofballs!!!

April said...

I love it! The Fruit and Berry Farm is great, isn't it?! I'm so glad you got to enjoy some time out there with all the kids...and that you had some help, too! ;)

Sure does look like you are making some amazing memories for all of you to treasure this week. Very impressive with FIVE kids, that you are able to do some many wonderful things and make the very most of the time you've been given. Enjoy it!!!

Ginger said...

LOVE the Fruit and Berry Farm- we went out there each year for pumpkins, but never in the summer for berries. Looks like you are having a fun week!!

Cindy said...

Holly, you win the Mom of the Week award! I still wish I were a kid in your family...