Thursday, July 10, 2008

School supplies, sidewalk paint and playing in the rain

Tuesday the kids and I went over to see Melanie and Carter. Madison and Carter got in some much needed playing time. Carter also had a lesson on sharing his toys :) He did very well for a 2 year old. I got some much needed Carter love :) The kids and I really miss him. Caleb wanted to know if Carter could come to our house again, so we are having Carter over to our house next week for a playdate! I meant to take my camera so I could get some pictures but forgot it. Caleb got a splinter in his finger from the wooden deck and he was such a big boy! He let me hold him and Melanie "dig" it out. He was very brave :) We put a band-aid on it and of course Carter needed a band-aid too. He decided his should go on his forehead :)

Afterwards we stopped by Target to get a few items. I decided rather than wait until the last minute (and then have to fork over a small fortune) I would start picking up "back to school" items as I see them. One thing that is hard to find in Knox County is Elmers Glue Sticks. The schools specifically ask for the Elmers brand for some reason. Any way I never can find them so I stocked up when I saw a bin of them at Target. We also got crayons, pencils, scissors and pencil boxes. The kids were so good and Taylor so helpful that we looked through the clearance items and found some Crayola sidewalk paint and paint supplies. The kids were really excited about using it.

Here they are enjoying the sidewalk paint (minutes later it started to rain so that activity was cut short. We will be doing it again though.

We also ran over to Toys R Us. They were running a sale where if you bought a backpack you got a lunch box free. Madison is going to have to have both of those this year for preschool so that was a good deal. Caleb and Taylor also needed new ones as their's were pretty beat up from last year (things just don't hold up as well now it seems).

The weather hasn't been to cooperative for swimming the last few days so we have just been sleeping in, playing inside and watching too much TV. This morning when we woke up it was so dark outside and not too much later the bottom fell out of the sky and it started pouring. It eased up for a little bit and the kids enjoyed playing outside in the rain. I was surprised that Madison wanted to do that, it was her idea and she was the first one out there. I wanted to video it but our video camera is full and needs to be downloaded before we can film anymore :( They really had a good time!

"Raindrops keep pouring on my head"

Don't you just love the "bed-head hair" and jammies :)

Running through the rain!

Standing in the small river flowing from our gutters

Caleb was "cold" in this picture :)


Gabby said...

LOL! It kills me sometimes how much Madison looks like Shelby in some pictures! She looks like her in the last one! The angle or something. They have kind of the same little facial features. So cute! Looks like they had fun.

Sara said...

Love the last picture where they are all lined up next to the gutter!

Is it already time to think about school supplies???

Cindy said...

Fun in the rain...I will suggest it to my own two if it rains tomorrow! supplies. I just love it when they're so cheap in July before anyone really knows exactly what their teachers will request! It makes sense to stock up on them now though, even if you end up with some you won't need for's fun to have them at home, too! My personal favorite this time of year is the 88-cent Crayola markers. I think I'll go shopping tomorrow! ;)

Ginger said...

I love the rain pictures! I cannot believe it is school supply time.......that means I will have to buy back to school clothing and I just can't think about that right now!!!!!!

April said...

I love the way the 3 kids make a perfect stair step in the last picture! Playing in the rain is definitely fun. Glad you let them do that!

Allison said...

I too love the last picture of your 3! Playing in the rain was always so much fun as a kid...wonder if it would be still?! Maybe I'll see if Drew will play with me next time we get a good rain.

Melanie said...

What fun pictures in the rain! I wish I had gotten out the camera when you guys were here! We had a great time- we need to do it again this week! I'll call you....