Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Back!!!

We had such a wonderful week with all of Matt's family at The Glade in Crossville. The cousins played together so well with minimal fussing. We had a wonderful place to stay,it was huge and nicely decorated with a golf theme that I could have handled being in my house. There was a ottoman that I seriously tried to figure if I could get it in my car (I could have only if I left the kids behind) and that they wouldn't notice it missing :) There were also some golf pictures on the wall that were really nice, they too would have fit in the car but I wouldn't have had to leave the kids for those!

We kinda all arrived in a trickle over the week/weekend. Matt's parents, brother and pregnant SIL arrived on Tuesday evening. Me and the kids plus SIL and her 5 kids from Nashville (minus her hubbie) arrived on Wednesday. Matt arrived on Thursday after I drove to Knoxville to retrieve him and a birthday cake from Sam's (long story). Amy and her kids arrived on Friday along with SIL's hubbie from Nashville. Saturday morning brought in Amy's husband. On Saturday all 20 of us had arrived and we celebrated all day. Rachel's parents came for the day on Saturday as well and we enjoyed getting to visit with them.

The whole week was just spent relaxing, talking, laughing, playing Five Crowns, Horse Racing (this is a game not actual horse racing), eating (though we didn't just pig out all weekend since the majority of us are trying to lose weight), golfing and swimming! It was so nice. We adults would send the kids to bed and then sit up playing games. I think the earliest we went to bed was midnight and the latest was 2 AM!

The guys enjoyed many rounds of golf! They didn't all play every round since we were trickling in but I believe some of them got in 4 rounds :) The golf courses are really nice there. My SIL (from Nashville) wanted to go and drive the carts but the courses charge for you to ride, we didn't want to ride along bad enough to pay!

We celebrated some birthdays on Saturday too. Taylor, Caleb, Kelsey, Gabby and Madison all got to celebrate their birthday with a great cake from Sam's. Presents were distributed and everyone was happy...........well almost everyone.

I plan on doing some more posts of the week but breaking them down as there were so many pictures of so many different things that I thought that would be easier.

It was a wonderful week and I'm sorry it is over. There was however many great memories made and also some milestones................Madison is officially potty-trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am diaper free. Not certain what made it click while we were gone but she only had 1 accident and it was Wednesday night and I think she just got distracted by all her cousins. She is going to the bathroom all by herself. She sometimes yells to me "I'm going potty" and sometimes doesn't. I'm so proud of her :)


Gabby said...

Amen! I wish it could have been longer!! I was dying laughing when you put almost everyone was happy!!! lol!!! Yay Madison!! Shelby is finally done too! She actually poops all on her own now too and yells for me when she is done! :) She likes her privacy when she poops. hehe! So, what are you going to do with all of those cheap pull ups you just bought? Give them to someone?

April said...

Hooray for Madison! That is quite an accomplishment.

The farm is The Fruit and Berry Patch. It is in Halls, off of McCloud road. I'd be happy to give you guys directions! They do have a website, though off hand, I don't know what it is! Maybe we could meet you all there sometime.

Cindy said...

I'll take the cheap pull-ups!! ;)

Your week sounds like so much fun! I'm going to suggest that my family try something like that, though I doubt we could go for a whole week!

I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! Let's get together soon!