Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Week!

The past 2 weeks have been pretty busy. Last week Taylor and Caleb attended FBC's VBS during the morning hours and I got some one on one time with Madison. It was very nice and the kids had a blast at VBS! They love going to this particular VBS but it is AWESOME!!!!! They do their very own thing...no boxed VBS kit for them, they actually have a team that writes theirs. They even do their own music. Like I said....it is awesome! After VBS we would head over to Nana and Pops and swim until they were exhausted. Then if was bath, dinner and bed. It was great :) I had taken pictures of them from VBS but they are on NaNa's camera. NaNa and the camera are in Crossville so I can't post any pics.

On Thuesday evening and again on Friday evening and all day Saturday we got to enjoy spending some time with Uncle Daniel. The kids really enjoyed getting to be with him even though Madison couldn't figure out why he hadn't brought Aunt Rachel. She kept calling him "rachel" which comes out "angel". We aren't sure why she can't say "rachel" as she says "ryan" plain as day. here is everyone enjoying laughing at some videos on Youtube :) Please make sure and notice the kids lovely attire. They played dress-up all day.....not sure what Taylor is wearing but Caleb is dressed as Dash and Madison is a princess or so she said :) Last time I checked princess's didn't have wings this one did :) And she kept walking around saying "I'm beautiful"....humility isn't a trait this child has yet :)

This week we had CSPC VBS in the morning. It too is a really good one. The older 2 could only go 2 days as we are going to be gone the rest of this week and the first part of next week. We get to join NaNa, Peepaw, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Rachel, the Overall gang (all 7 of them) and the McCrady gang (4 of them) for a week at The Glade! I can't wait.....many days of cousins laughing together (and fighting too I imagine), swimming, eating, playing games (and some golf too), and even a boat :) The kids are all excited (so are the mommies and daddies)! I know there will be many adventures to blog about upon our return as well as lots of pictures.

Tonight me, my mom, Taylor and Hope got treated to pedicures by Pops :) It was wonderful! I can't remember the last pedicure I had....probably last summer when my toes were seeing the light of day :) Madison sat in my lap and just watched. Caleb and Pops went walking around at Turkey Creek while we ladies were pampered. I forgot my camera but my sister had hers. She got some great pictures but they are on her camera so I am going to have to wait to post those. Taylor really enjoyed getting to be a "big girl." She got the full package just like us. We were treated to a sea salt scrub and then a mud mask on our legs and feet. It was heavenly :) Madison wasn't too crazy about them putting the mud on my legs, she kept saying it was yucky and that it looked like yogurt :) She is a hoot!

We had such a wonderful time. After our pedicures we headed over to Salsarita's (not sure if that is spelled right but it is a Mexican cafe here that is really good) for some dinner. Now I am home and really should be packing since we leave in the morning. Instead here I sit reading blogs and typing my own post :) Well guess I am off to finish packing.....see everyone in a week!


JJ said...

Wow! YOu guys were busy! It sounds like your kids are having a terrific summer so far. When I was little, my brother and I went to every VBS in town. By the end of the summer, I had done all the crafts, sang all the songs by heart, and new every Bible verse from class. It didn't bother me to repeat it all because I loved VBS so much.

Sara said...

Oops! That last comment was from me, not JJ. Although I'm sure he went to a few VBS's in his day.

Ginger said...

Will is doing CSPC VBS this week too!! He LOVES it!! It is awesome. I am getting some one on one time with Ryan in the mornings. I am enjoying that, but I think he misses Will :) I think that is sweet. Ya'll have a great trip!