Sunday, June 1, 2008

Caleb's birthday celebration!

Well we finally celebrated Caleb's 5th birthday with all our family. We had a little "mini" celebration on his actual birthday and he opened some presents but we couldn't all be together until now. Even with all our family here in Knoxville we couldn't find a time when everyone could be here until this weekend. Caleb had requested Batman balloons and decorations. He also wanted pizza and cake. He couldn't make up his mind until the last minute about what kind of cake he wanted. It was between Batman and a tractor. The tractor won in the end which meant we had to bake and decorate it. Caleb loves John Deere as does our friend Aaron. Amy had found and purchased a tractor cake pan a few months ago. Well we borrowed it and Nana baked the cake and Matt decorated it. It turned out awesome!

We ordered Caleb's favorite pizza, Papa John's thin crust cheese, and had a wonderful fruit tray with watermelon, fresh pineapple, grapes and apples along with it. I think Madison ate the most pizza of the 3 kids. Caleb was too excited to eat much. He knew there were presents still to be opened :)

So after dinner it was time to open presents!


Ginger said...

So fun! Will just told me today that he wants a batman birthday party! Where did you find your batman stuff? This batman fascination is pretty recent, but he is really into it. I will have to show him these pictures of Caleb- he will think its so cool.

Cindy Taylor said...

The tractor cake turned out so cute! Matt, I'm impressed. Looks like Caleb really had a fun celebration.

April said...

What fun! I, too, am VERY impressed with the tractor cake. It looks great. All involved should be very proud of it! :)

Happy Birthday, Caleb!