Monday, June 9, 2008

Amy's birthday and meeting Coy!

Today was Amy's birthday so we went over to do a little celebrating with them. Plus the kids were driving me crazy to go and visit Amy, Aaron, Clara and Coy. We normally see them a couple times a week so the kids were overdue for their "tomlinson" fix. Clara was excited to see the kids and show off her baby :) The kids couldn't wait to get their hands on Coy. I can't believe how calm they were, of course they had been given the threatening speech about calm hands, feet and voices before going in the house.

The moment we walked in the house they started asking to hold the baby. She was finishing up eating so they had to wait. Taylor was the first to hold Coy. While holding her and afterwards also she kept saying "I want you to have another baby!"

Then Caleb got a turn. I was so pleased at how very gentle he was. He couldn't get enough of her. He has really been pressuring me to have another baby. At first he was insistent that it be a boy but after holding Coy he said a girl would be ok too. He just kept talking about how cute she was. He loved her little noises. He also kept saying "watch out she is going to throw up" b/c he wanted to know what the burp cloth was for and Amy told her that sometimes Coy "spits up" which Caleb promptly got mixed up with "throw-up".

There was no picture of Madison holding Coy as she started getting a little fussy. We decided that she hadn't gotten enough to eat at the beginning and was wanting some more. We promised Madison next time she could hold her. She was a little upset at first but got over it soon enough. We enjoyed getting to spend a little time with the Tomlinson's. Our kids can't get enough of them and to be honest we too enjoy spending time with them :) (A bonus is getting to love on sweet Coy and Clara too)


Ginger said...

Coy looks like a beautiful baby!! Tell Amy I am thinking about her.