Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Madison!

Today my baby turned 3 :(

We celebrated her birthday by going to Dollywood. I will post pics of that later though. Today I will share her "birth" day pictures and enjoy "re-living" that day :)

I didn't want it to happen, in fact I refused to acknowledge it for awhile by continuing to let her "be a baby." I didn't push the potty training with her like I did the others (but am so glad she is potty trained). I have continued to let her have a paci (only at bedtimes though). I didn't enroll her in preschool this past fall but let her stay home with me :) I (and the rest of the family) have catered to her every whim. I just wanted her to stay a baby as long as possible.

I remember walking down the hallway to the OR with Matt on one side and my wonderful nurse on the other.

I remember being a little nervous even though it was my 3rd c-section.

I remember Matt and my dr discussing digital cameras (it seems my dr had just purchased the same camera we had so they were talking about how great it was).

I remember the "drug dr" as we call him saying "now once I put this spinal in you are going to be numb before we even get you laid down, and I was!

I remember shaking horrible (I always do).

I remember Matt sitting by head, talking to me and smiling at me. He kept asking me if I was ok :)

I remember not even knowing they had started the surgery until Dr Tatum said "are you ready to meet your baby?".

I remember seeing tears in Matt's eyes through my own tears as Dr Tatum said "it's a girl"!!! I remember thinking she is beautiful!

I also remember hearing Matt say over and over "Holly, she is tiny!" and thinking "well honey all newborns are tiny" and him saying "no, Holly she is really tiny1". And she was really tiny.

I remember her head of dark hair and me trying to figure out where all that dark hair came from as the others had heads of blonde hair.

She was born at 1:03 PM after being untangled from her cord. We are so thankful that she was a scheduled c-section since she not only had her cord around her neck twice but also around her body twice (she did a lot of moving around in my belly, not those sweet little fluttery kicks but punches and flips that made my whole stomach shift).

Most of the rest of day is a blur to me as I had a dose of morphine at the end of the surgery. In response to the uncontrolled itching that started soon after the morphine they gave me benadryl which pretty much knocked me out. We now know not to give me morphine after an event I want to remember. A few other things I do remember are:

* my mom crying when we introduced her to "Madison Jane" (my mom's name is Jane)

* the nurse washing her hair in the sink b/c it had so much yucky stuff in it

* Taylor being so excited it was a girl

* Caleb not wanting to come to me as I was laying in bed with O2 mask and IV's (scary looking to a 2 yr old)

* Caleb being instantly in love with Madison

* Madison not crying much, seriously she was the calmest baby!

Matt bringing Madison over for me to see! He was so proud!

She was pretty mad in this picture.

Caleb looks like such a baby here! What a cutie! All he wanted to do was hold "Madison Jane".

He just kept kissing her. Seriously look at how dark her hair is compared to his!

This doesn't even look like Taylor :( Where is this little girl!

Getting her ready to come home. She was so tiny my mom had to go and buy some preemie things and they were still too big.

Proud Daddy!

This is Madison and my niece Shelby who was born in February. Madison doesn't even look real I don't think. She looks like a doll :)


JenniferL. said...

I don't think I ever realized Madison's hair was so dark.

Ginger said...

Such a sweet post Holly!
I missed you at church this morning, but gave a card to your Mom to give to Madison :)

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Madison! What a precious birthday story. Your kids have changed so much in 3 years. It's truly amazing how quickly time moves on. We get so busy with the day to day stuff of life. Every once in a while I have to keep myself from freaking out about how fast Carter is changing. I know he's going to grow up, but does it have to be so fast???

Cindy said...

I really enjoyed your look back at Madison's birth. I had forgotten how very tiny she was!

So exciting that she's three...that really is a blessing. We do want our children to grow into whatever it is that God has in store fore them! Happy Birthday, Madison!

Gabby said...

Awwww!!! They all were so little!! My how time flies!!! I am so sad seeing the pic of Shelby that little!! Except she looked so huge next to Madison!! I hope she had a great day at Dollywood. BTW that's Not fair!!!!!!! ;)

April said...

Wow! All 3 kids have changed and grown sooo much! I loved seeing the pics from Madison's arrival 3 years ago. I do remember that full head of dark hair! She had soo much it did not even look real on her small head. All 3 kids are beautiful, Holly. Happy Birthday to Madison! Glad you had fun at Dollywood. :)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...