Sunday, June 29, 2008


We spent the day at Dollywood for Madison's birthday. She loves going there even though this was only her 2nd time. She talked about nothing else for days after going a few weeks ago. This time Matt and Nana also got to go with us. We met Nana and Pops there and started on our way.

The first stop was the bathroom for Taylor and Madison. This was the first time Madison had gone somewhere without a diaper/pull-up. I took a couple changes of cloths just in case we didn't make it to the bathroom in time (good thing I did b/c we needed 2 of those changes since the bathrooms there are pretty spread out).

After the bathroom we headed over to a couple of roller-coasters for Taylor. We rode Thunderhead which is this awesome wooden roller coaster that isn't for the weak of heart. Sadly there are no pictures of this. NaNa and Matt rode this one as well.

Then it was off to Mystery Mine. NaNa sat this one out and helped Nana and Pops with the 2 little ones. They had great time while we were waiting in line for the roller coasters (the lines were longer this time since it was a Saturday). Taylor loved this roller coaster too. It is both an indoor/outdoor one that at times you are laying flat on our back look up at the sky. There are no pictures of this one either.

When we got done we went and found Madison, Caleb and the grandparents.....this is what they had been doing

There was this neat little water area that had waterways and you could float these foam disks down the waterways/waterfalls. Madison and Caleb were soaked but really enjoyed themselves.

Afterwards we talked Caleb into doing the Lumberjack Lift. It was these seats you sat in and had to pull yourself up them with a rope/pulley system. He wasn't really excited at first but ended up loving it. He wanted to do it again but mine and Matt's hands were red from pulling the ropes (Matt rode with Caleb and I with Taylor).

We also rode the train this time (it wasn't working last time). Madison really enjoyed it, she loves trains right now. She ended up falling asleep halfway through the ride. Caleb like it too though he kept saying it was a little loud. He also thought it could have been longer.

After that we headed to the kiddie rides over at "County Fair". We rode the Amazing Flying Elephants, Lemon Twist, Veggie Tales Roller Coaster, Ferris Wheel.

Matt and Taylor rode the Dizzy Disks and Sky Rider.

And of course we had to ride the little old-timey cars. This is the only thing that Madison talked about doing. She loves "driving" these cars, and I am so glad that she has many years before obtaining a license. She is so busy laughing and watching everyone else that she doesn't pay attention to the road. She doesn't want anyone helping her drive so we bang into the rails often.

Matt and Caleb got the "batman car". Caleb thought it looked like Batman's car.

Madison got the pink Cadillac which is her favorite car!

And Taylor was thrilled to get the sleek, silver Jaguar! (It is my favorite too!) The picture of her is on Pops camera I think :( I wasn't in charge of pictures this trip, the grandparents took all of them so I am going to have to get Pops camera and download it. I already did NaNa's but sadly there was no picture of Taylor driving the cars on her camera.


Gabby said...

I love the new pool pic and background! how do you get that and how do you write in b/w pics!!!