Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sleeping arrangements!

A few years ago my parents bought a camping cot for their house. Whenever the older 2 wanted to spend the night they wouldn't sleep in the guest room, they wanted to be in Nana and Pops room and so the cot was bought!

Well Caleb "fell in love" with that cot. He was always talking about it. He wanted to bring it home with him whenever we were over there. He wanted Nana and Peepaw (Matt's parents) to get one for their house. So for Christmas this year Nana and Peepaw got Caleb a cot! He loved it. Well the kids go through phases where they want to sleep on the cot. They take turns and it is great fun :) It kinda comes in phases though. We sometimes use it every night for a week and then it is not gotten out for awhile.

Well last week there were many nights of sleeping on the cot (or in some cases under the cot).

It was Taylor's night to sleep on the cot and Caleb was a little upset about that. This isn't where we put him to bed. He was in his bed and when we checked on them this is where we found Caleb. He had even taken the time to "fix" a bed under it complete with blankets, pillow and animals :) We did put him back in his bed b/c we were afraid the cot might collapse on him. It never has done that before but we didn't want this to be the first time! And we got a new picture to put in Caleb's "weird sleeping positions/arrangements" album.