Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planting a garden!

Well, we did it! We mulled over the idea for a few months now and decided to do it, plant a garden that is! My kids always love going to my grandparents house in the late summer (right before school starts back) b/c the garden has things to pick. We tried a few years ago to grow some things but didn't have much luck. Matt's mom thought the kids would enjoy seeing things grow and being able to pick stuff.

We just went with the basic plants.....tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and squash. These are all things the kiddos love! I know that is a little weird since most kids who are 8, 5 and almost 3 don't eat those things but mine do. The kids had a blast with the planting part and are most excited about their garden. Now it isn't anything fancy and we may have wasted money but we at least made some great memories not to mention the great pictures I took to scrapbook later.

The tomatoes take the longest at 78 days but the squash and cucumbers have a shorter growing time so maybe soon we will have some good pics to post and blog about.


Gabby said...

Fun!! We need to do that too! The kids would love it. Good luck!

Ginger said...

so fun!! I can't wait to have a house where we can plant a real vegetable garden! I think it is so important that kids know that food doesn't really just come from the grocery store