Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing with Sam and Will

On Tuesday Sam and Will came over to play for a few hours while their mom was at work. My kids love it when they get together and play. It doesn't happen often enough! Madison adores Sam, she calls him "her Sammy" lots of the time. She was so excited when he got to our house Tuesday morning. He is the reason we get through Church sometimes. All I have to say is "want to go see Sam" and Madison is ready to go :) I am happy that she likes him so much, I mean not only does he come from a wonderful family but he is absolutely adorable!

The kids had a great time playing. We spent most of the morning outside playing. We made time for a snack of popcorn and Pop Ice. Which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

They all played together so good that those 2 boys are welcome back anytime (and I mean that Cindy). Here is a few more pictures of them enjoying themselves.


Cindy Taylor said...

Holly, you are wonderful! Will and Sam had such a good time at your house, too. We are so glad to have such great friends and so much fun together! You were a huge help to me yesterday. I appreciate you so much!