Friday, May 9, 2008

It is time to play in the water!

Caleb got a new sprinkler for his birthday from Aaron, Amy and Clara and today we broke it in so to speak! Caleb and Madison put on their swimsuits and gave it a test run. Madison wasn't too thrilled with it, she would slowly walk towards it but as soon as the water hit her she ran the other way :) It was quite entertaining just watching her. Caleb however would run through it over and over. The grass got a little slick and occasionally he would "slip and slide" which provided us with many laughs.

They all 3 are ready for the pool to open. Caleb has already requested that we swim when he gets out of school next week. His last day is the 15th. I told him that the pool isn't quite ready for swimming, that the water would still be cold. He doesn't seem to care but I do! It won't be long and our days will be spent at the pool. I am ready for those days b/c it means the kids go to bed earlier and easier! They are so tired after swimming all day that by the time we take baths and eat dinner they are ready to pass out! I love that!!! I love how tan they get too. They got their daddy's coloring and even with sunblock of 50 they get so tan and their hair turns almost white! They look so cute. We really limited Madison's time in the sun last year but this year we won't be as strict. Hopefully she will tan as well as the others. Her arms are already starting to get dark from just being in the back yard.


Sara said...

Laura has been asking me for weeks if it is swimming pool weather yet. We certainly spent many days at the pool last summer. This summer will be a little different, but hopefully we'll get out to the pool some.