Thursday, May 1, 2008

Caleb's Artwork

Caleb has been bringing home the cutest artwork lately. I know most preschools have cute artwork but I don't remember Taylor doing any of the stuff Caleb has. Maybe different teachers have different idea books or just end up doing different things but Caleb's teachers this year have done some great things that the kids like. Lately the have been talking about "spring" things like grass and bugs. Two weeks ago Caleb brought home this

"Hairy Housin" (spelling?)

Last week he came home with this

"Caleb the Caterpillar"

and this

and then today he came home with this

I know that I can't keep all his artwork so I have been taking pictures of them and creating a CD of them for each year of preschool. Plus now I have some great craft ideas for when all 10 of our nieces and nephews are here. We are always looking for things for to do when they are here and they love crafts! I have been happy with all our teachers at CSWS but Caleb's this year have really done a wonderful job and I am sad that this is his last year there. Now it is Madison's turn!


Cindy Taylor said...

I always love seeing what Caleb has made at preschool, too! Good idea taking pictures of it all...especially when you know you just can't keep it all. I'm sure Caleb is proud.

Sara said...

Love your idea to make a CD of his artwork...I might copy you on that.

Gabby said...

I second the great idea about the pics on artwork and stuff! I used to try to keep everything Corey and Haley kept and then when Riley joined the family I said I cannot keep all of this stuff!! So I just kept the special things like handprints with dates and stuff! but that is a great idea! I will have to do that!