Friday, May 23, 2008

3rd grade. here she comes!

I tried to think of a fun title for this post and this is what I came up with! I may be crafty in certain areas but other areas I fail miserably. Taylor is moving on to 3rd grade (not that I had a doubt that she would but it is official as per her report card).

Thursday was Taylor's last day of school. It was a very emotional day. Taylor is an emotional child to begin with but is having a difficult time with leaving Cedar Bluff. This is the only school that she has known and we have had the most wonderful experiences there! We have had the best teachers. In fact her teacher this year received the "Knox County Teacher of the Year" award which she most definitely earned!

Ms. Hullander

Both her Kindergarten teacher (Mrs Schaefer) and her 1st grade teacher (Ms Riley) have continued to be there for Taylor. They have watched out for her these past years and were always there to comfort Taylor whenever she needed it :) Who could ask for better teachers!

Mrs Schaefer Miss Riley

We have gotten to know lots of the other teachers. In pick-up line I don't even need a sign, they know me and my car :) I too have been having a hard time with this transition. This is the only school we have known for the past 3 years and it too is changing in many ways. We received an "end of the year" letter today along with the report cards. In it the principal had written a note. It said

"with the end of this 9 week period, Cedar Bluff Primary will cease to exist as we have known it for the past 32 yrs. There is a rich history associated with the Primary School and it will be missed by many.When school opens in August, we will say hello to Cedar Bluff Elementary School for the 1st time in many, many years."

I cried when I read that b/c Taylor's grade level is the last to complete the primary school. When she started kindergarten it was Primary and when she finished 2nd grade it is the last time it will be Primary. That is just a little sad. Last summer when they torn down the old school (and trust me, I know they needed too b/c that thing was like a dungeon) I cried. It was sad to see where my "baby" started to be demolished. However the new school is completely awesome, kinda sad we won't be there to enjoy all the new things they are getting like a new gym and cafeteria. No more eating in their rooms and having gym outside!

Taylor will be moving to a new school next year. I am sure that it is just as nice (though not as new) and that they teachers are wonderful (they just don't know us like the ones at Cedar Bluff do). Taylor is apprehensive about the move. She is scared b/c she won't be in the same school as Caleb. Farragut is 2 separate schools, Primary houses K - 2nd and the Intermediate houses 3rd - 5th. They are in 2 different places also. Not sure how I am going to get 2 kids to 2 schools at the same time but we will figure something out :)

When I picked Taylor up today from school I went in so we could take a picture of her with her 3rd grade teacher as well as Kindergarten and 1st grade. I was met at the school door by a teacher who knows us by name even though she hasn't had Taylor in her class. She said "oh Holly, Taylor is crying her eyes out" and sure enough right inside the door stood my sweet little girl crying :( She had been crying for a while b/c her little face was all red and blotchy. I felt so bad for her. All of her little girlfriends were crying too. They were concerned they would never see each other again. I assured them we weren't moving to Mars just Farragut which must seem like Mars to a 8 year old. After exchanging numbers and promising to get together over the summer, and many more hugs and tears we made it out of the school. Taylor was doing better by the time we got home though I am sure there will be more tears before all is said and done!


Cindy Taylor said...

Oh, sweet've got me crying, too!

I enjoyed the new song on your blog, but I was unable to listen to it and read the blog at the same time. Perhaps because it is so late at night... ;)