Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1st Day at the Pool

Well summer is officially here! We have been to the pool for the first time. The water is still to cold for me to get in deeper than my knees unless of course the kids were in trouble then I would dive right in and brave the frigid water! It is too cold for Madison also. She would go no further than the 2nd step. The other 2 didn't care that the water was cold. They both jumped right in. My parents have a great pool at their townhouse. Nobody is ever there especially during the week (there aren't a lot of kids mostly college kids, young professionals, and divorcees) and not many on the weekends either. We pretty much have the pool to ourselves most of the time.

I wasn't sure how the kids would do since they hadn't been in the pool since September last year but mostly was worried about Caleb. Last year he was jumping in the deep end and swimming with no help from us or floats. I hoped he would pick up right where we left off. He did! Jumped right in and started swimming like the fish that he is.

Taylor, I knew would be fine. I did make her jump in at the deep end and swim the whole length of the pool. She did wonderful. She too is a fish.

Madison will take a little more work as she doesn't really remember the pool. She is also at the apprehensive age. She stuck pretty close to me the whole afternoon. She did enjoy sitting on the lounge chairs covered up with a towel. And wearing goggles like Taylor and Caleb. She did put her face under a little bit and blow bubbles. Last year that is how we taught her to keep her mouth closed under the water. She was actually swimming last year pretty good without arm floaties and hopefully it won't take long and she will be doing that again.

She also enjoyed having a snack brought out by Nana.

Nana brings the best snack. They are always healthy...fruit with dip, cheese and crackers and peanut butter and crackers. We have wonderful poolside service also. You couldn't ask for anything better.


Ginger said...

Great to have poolside service like that! How did you get Caleb swimming like that?? We have a long way to go.....
I'm going to pick up pictures this afternoon.

Gabby said...

Already!! I am jealous! I wish I had a pool to take the kids to like that and get poolside service. ;) How did you get Caleb to swim liike that??!! I never have given mine swim lessons but thye just kind of learned on their own. Not real sure how Kelsey will do this year? We'll see. Can't wait until the condo!! :)

April said...

Don't you just love parents/grandparents??? I'm so glad you all have a great place to go and just hang out together. I know your parents must love it, too! I'm hoping to get swimming lessons for Mackenzie this summer...we'll see! Glad you all had fun.

angier said...

How fun! Nothing like the lazy days of summer.

Sara said...

Oh the summer life is grand, isn't it! My favorite summertime activity is swimming.