Monday, April 20, 2009

The Update Post

On a happy note, we proudly announce the arrival of 2 more baby birds...

WE are excited that all of the robin's eggs have hatched. Today we got to see the mother bird feeding the babies worms (so glad we aren't birds).

Also Taylor had to see the dr again today. Her legs are looking better, I guess. It has moved from the bump/hive phase to the bruise phase. It looks like someone beat her with a stick (I promise we didn't though). Here is her legs today

They look pretty rough right now. Even her nail beds are dusky purple. Hopefully that is going to start getting better soon. They checked her kidney function with a simple urine test and it showed some blood in her urine. She also had an elevated blood pressure. Both of these are things we didn't want to see. She has to go back on Thursday and have them rechecked. Please pray that 1) there is no blood in her urine and 2) her blood pressure is normal.

Her dr said that those symptoms can linger for up to 12 weeks so we will be seeing him regularly over the next 3 months. He said it isn't normal for it to last that long but that it might and he would rather keep an eye on her kidney function than have to deal with a problem later. Have I said how much I love her dr! I totally trust him. He has never steered us wrong in the past.

Her teacher is coming to see her Tuesday afternoon and I can pick up her school work in the Tuesday morning and she can work on it as she feels like it. Her dr seemed to think she would be able to go back to school by next week and might possibly be able to go back on Friday (we are aiming for Friday as it is her 9th birthday).


April said...

I'm sooo sorry that Taylor's test results were not what you guys were hoping for, but I'm very thankful that you feel so good about her doctor. I'm glad they'll be keeping a close eye on her. Know that we'll all keep right on praying that the next set of results will be negative for blood and normal for BP. Hang in there. Let us know if there's anything you guys need that we can help with.

BTW, on a totally different note all together...we ate BBQ sandwhiches again tonight--they were sooo good! Thanks for providing not one, but 2+ meals for our family. :)

Sara said...

Poor Taylor....she is in our prayers! Give her a squeeze from us!

Mindy said...

I have never heard of anything like that! I am so sorry. We hope Taylor is feeling better! Poor thing.

Cindy said...

We'll be praying that Taylor gets to go back to school Friday! I'm sure you are taking great care of her. She's blessed to have you for a mommy! All your kids are!