Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We always celebrate Easter with a huge family meal at my sister's house. This year was no exception, well except that my mom and dad weren't there :( This was the first Easter that we haven't been with them since Matt and I have been together. My grandmother has been having chest pains and had an appointment to see a cardiologist in Memphis and since she doesn't drive they had to make the trip and take her.

Taylor's loot...blanket (she had gotten so tall her feet stuck out from under her old one), sunglasses, Bath and Body lotion, sketchpad, stickers and a chocolate bunny!

Caleb's loot...Spiderman cup and plate, Spiderman notebook, sunglasses, dinosaur pj's, stickers and a chocolate bunny!

Madison's loot...Tinkerbell pj's, purse, stickers, sunglasses and the chocolate bunny!

After church we headed over to my sisters. Matt tried to get a good shot of me and the kids and this was the best one..

And all 5 of us

And a rare one of me and Matt

Aunt Hope and Uncle Chris got the kids baskets full of candy, there was cotton candy, whoppers, peeps, marshmallow bunnies, reese's peanut butter cups, hershey kiss's, decorated cookies, and huge suckers. I had left a "note" for the Easter Bunny asking him not to leave much candy as their aunt and uncle had taken care of that already :)

Here the kids are going through that loot!

This was the 1st time Madison had cotton candy....she LOVED it!

After lunch the kids enjoyed hunting for candy filled eggs in the backyard.


Cindy said...

Looks like fun. I really like the picture of you and the kids. Very pretty!

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother's health...hope she is ok. Looks like you guys had a fun Easter despite the absence of your parents. Great family picture.

April said...

I do hope your grandmother gets a good report. Sorry your parents weren't with you guys for Easter. You got some great pics, though!

Gabby said...

Ok first of all the pic of T's stuff had our pic in the background and I was like what the heck and 2nd Madison looks like she is hovering in the pic of all of you, although it is a cute pic. LOL! She just looks like she is hovering. :) They racked up as usual! Glad you had a good time!