Monday, April 13, 2009

Causey Easter Egg Hunt and Party

Saturday we celebrated Easter by attending an Easter party and egg hunt at Abbie's house! Madison was so excited all day....she LOVES Abbie! The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard for awhile. Then had a blast feasting on some Bunny Cake and hunting for some eggs :)

Caleb enjoying the very fast slide

The girls enjoying the swing set :)

Enjoying some yummy cake!

Hunting some eggs

We didn't get many pics of the egg hunt as our camera battery died :( In fact, we didn't get any of Taylor hunting :( Matt went in and charged the battery for a few minutes so we could get a few more pics. There was a special golden egg hidden and the child who found it got a special surprise, well guess who found it? Madison! And when everyone started shouting out of excitement she hid behind Matt's legs...she doesn't like everyone staring at her! She had this look on her face like "I didn't mean to do it". It was great and there is no proof b/c the camera battery was still charging :(

Madison checking out her loot.

Taylor and I playing the bean bag toss game

Caleb shooting marshmallows

Matt and Taylor playing the bean bag toss


angier said...

How fun! Why does the battery always run out right when you really need it?? Aaaah!

April said...

We really enjoyed our time at Abbie's house with you guys, too! You'll have to check the disk of pics I gave you at'll see some on their of Madison receiving her prize for having found the golden egg. I think you'll enjoy seeing them. Sorry your battery died! That is crazy how it happens just at the right time... ;0

Cindy said...

What fun! We wanted to come too, but since we had family over all day, of course we couldn't.

When I first turned my camera on at the concert the other night it immediately said "Needs new batteries!" AAARRRGGHH!! Fortunately, I was able to trick it into taking about 70 shots that night anyway. Whew! Will post soon. :)

Sara said...

That looks like a super fun party! And I like your hair long. The Facebook family Easter pics were really nice.

Allison said...

What fun pictures. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever at church. I miss you! That picture on your blog header of your children is so sweet. I love the blue.