Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear

A few weeks ago I decided that I wouldn't listen to anything but Christian music in the car if the kids were with me. This decision was made after I heard Madison singing something that really wasn't the kind of a song a 3 yr old should sing, don't get me wrong there wasn't any cursing and she didn't even know what the words meant but it wasn't what I would want her to go to school, church or anywhere else for that matter and sing.

We have 2 Christian radio stations here in Knoxville. One plays lots of contemporary songs while the other plays lots of "worship" type songs. I love the one that plays the worship songs. The kids have really picked up on these songs and I catch them singing to the songs all the time and to my surprise they really have learned the words. I love to hear them singing :) It thrills me to hear them say "mom, turn that up, I love that song"!

One of their very favorites is Slow Fade by Casting Crowns...I love it when they all 3 are singing it as we ride along. I am especially loving Chris Tomlin, Hillsong and The David Crowder Band. A few of my favorites right now are:

My Glorious- Chris Tomlin w/ David Crowder

O Praise Him- David Crowder Band

I Will Rise- Chris Tomlin

Savior, Please- Josh Wilson

Hurricane- Jimmy Needham

Mighty to Save- Hillsong

Slow Fade- Casting Crowns

A few weeks ago when visiting family in Nashville we went to church with them. They have a praise team that leads songs from the pulpit and is accompanied by instruments. They sang/played this song called "Savior, please" and the lyrics just seemed to be made just for me. We came home and immediately started trying to find it on the web. We did! We found a version of it done by Josh Wilson and it quickly became one of our favorite songs.

The lyrics to these songs are fabulous and I would post them on here but it would make for a very long post and I might lose some readers :) I believe they are all on Youtube if you are interested in hearing them or you can google them if you just want to read the lyrics. I have loaded up my Ipod with so many Christian songs in the last few weeks so we can listen anytime. It is funny how when Madison hears one of these songs on the radio in the house, someone else's car or on the Ipod she always says "I have this song in my car", sweet girl hasn't figured out the concept of radios :)


April said...

I, too, love Christian music! I love Madison's cute comment about having those songs in her car. :) I enjoy hearing those precious little thoughts and ideas from little ones. We listen to 89.1 alot. What is the other station? I guess I could google that, too!

Cindy said...

That's great! I know a couple of those songs, but not all of them. I've been listening to David Cook too much lately (to gear up for the concert Friday night!) so once that's over, maybe I can try to do what you're doing. ;)

Dallas said...

We love Christian music around here! Sadly, wheels on the bus and abc songs usually are being played in my car. when i am all alone though, i crank them up!

Sara said...

I also love Christian music. I thought Knoxville had a really good station too. They don't have a local Christian radio station here, so I listen to Air Radio 1 and it is good!

I LOVE Casting Crowns (actually went to one of their concerts in Knoxville) and also love "Slow Fade".

Melanie said...

I know this day will come for me too! I am going to try out the stations you mentioned.

Ginger said...

i have been getting into Christian more lately too! Love your post!

JenniferL. said...

you left out the part about what song she was singing -- I think you should have told us that detail