Monday, April 6, 2009

Church Egg Hunt

Yesterday our church had their Easter dinner followed by an egg hunt. It turned out to be a beautiful day for the egg hunt (which was held inside last year)! We didn't get as good of pictures (or as many) this year, not sure why though it might have been that we were keeping up with 3 extra kids :) None of the kids found an huge number of eggs but they were all happy (except Caleb, who is extremely competetive right now) with what they did find. He was easily appeased though, once home we had numerous egg hunts in the backyard.

I love this picture of Madison, she is positively glowing :)

Caleb and Kelsey looking for eggs

Caleb and Kelsey checking to see what kind of candy they got

Taylor and Riley looking for eggs


Sara said...

Fun times...always loved the egg hunt at church!

I can't tell, but is "blue" your coordinating colors for the kids this year?

Holly Aytes said...

Those are last years easter outfits however their outfits for this year are blue to just a different style. They all look good in blue and Strausburg had some beautiful blue dresses that my mom and I fell in love with so we went with blue again :)

Ginger said...

Oh, so fun! Glad it was good weather for the egg hunt this year. Last year was fun even though it was inside. I think I remember Caleb was competitive about his eggs last year too! I guess it is a boy thing.
I love that picture of Madison- she is glowing :)

Cindy said...

I love your new picture at the top of your blog. Where did you have that taken? All of your children are beautiful. The pictures at the Easter egg hunt were great, too! Love how pretty and green everything looked, especially up at the church office.
We missed you all at playgroup. Lauren has been talking about Shelby (I think that's her name. Sometimes Lauren says Kelsey, I'm not sure who the little girl was that sat with Lauren at lunch yesterday...but Lauren keeps talking about her new friend.)

Holly Aytes said...

That was Shelby that sat with her but her sister Kelsey was sitting at our table and was downstairs in Children's Church. We missed y'all this morning too. We won't miss next time! That picture was taken at Master Portraits a few weeks ago...we took them in for spring shots and that was one of the many good shots they got! We love that place :) They have been taking Taylor's picture since she was born!

April said...

I love the new pic of the kids at the top of your blog! Your kids are always dressed so cute. Even Mackenzie thinks so! :)

I enjoyed reading about the egg hunt. I'm so sorry we had to miss it this year. Glad you guys had fun!

Master Portraits has had some great specials lately...we did a few (the small album session) about a month ago. Always fun!