Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Parties

Today was one of those days when I wish I had a clone. Both Caleb and Madison had their Easter parties today. Madison had a "Son"rise breakfast and then later in the day a egg hunt.I couldn't attend her breakfast b/c it was at 10:15 and Caleb's party was from 9-10:30. This is the first time that I have ever had 2 school things at one time. My morning was crazy and went like this:

6 AM get kids up

6:45 take Taylor to bus stop

7:00 leave to take Caleb to school (I am not letting him ride the bus yet)

7:30 get Madison up and get her breakfast and cartoons started

7:30 get myself ready

8:45 leave to take Madison to preschool

9:00 Caleb's party starts

9:20 I arrive at Caleb's party, late

11:00 leave Caleb's party

12:00 Madison's Egg Hunt

1:00 Caleb gets out of school (Matt picked him up)

1:30 we leave Madison's school after hunting for eggs and having lunch

It was one very busy day but was so much fun! I dread the day when all 3 are involved in extra-curricular activities and I have to juggle that!

Here are a few pictures from their parties. I didn't get nearly as many of Caleb's b/c I helped with his party by manning the cookie decorating table and then leading 4 kids on a scavenger hunt!

Caleb's teacher and a sweet little girl in his class named Emily. She gave me a huge hug when I got there and once she saw my camera she asked me to take her picture with Ms. Gibson :)

Caleb decorating a cookie

Madison getting ready to go find some eggs, my baby is so short!

And the hunt is on....

After the hunt

Madison eating some lunch


April said...

I am very impressed that you were able to be involved with both kids even though they did overlap! Way to go! There are days I wish I had a clone and we are not even full fledge in school yet. :) Cute pics. Looks like it was a fun day for everyone.