Friday, August 8, 2008

Random thoughts and pics

Our last week before school starting has been packed with things to do and has flown by way too quickly :(

I am not ready but also really ready for school to start!

We have spent the last week doing some back to school clothes shopping, getting those last minute school supplies and swimming as much as possible.

We met Caleb's teacher/saw his room yesterday and he is much more excited now than before. There are alot of kids at the Primary school which only houses kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades (don't have official number but last year they had about 1400 kids in those 3 grades). His room has a monkey theme and his teacher is fairly young (this is her 9th year to teach). She seems really nice and was very understanding that Caleb was nervous about going to school (he was excited when he was gong to Cedar Bluff).

Today we met Taylor's teacher/saw her classroom. If I thought Caleb's school was big hers is HUGE, I am not exaggerating either! Her teacher is young too (this is only her 5th year of teaching and the last 3 have been teaching 3rd grade at Farragut). She was really excited about this year and the kids learning and she also understood how Taylor was a little apprehensive about going to a new school and one that was so big (there are 18 3rd grade classes with 20 students in each one, that is a lot of 3rd graders).

I forgot my camera both times so have no pictures of any of this. I will get pics of the 1st official day of school.

Now to brag some on Matt...he has lost 35 lbs in the last 6 weeks! He looks fabulous :) He has a "manual" job that pretty much consists of a 8 hr workout. This is not a job he hopes to have for very long but it has come in very handy since he had been wanting to lose some weight. We took a before picture but he won't let me post it yet...wants to lose a little more. None of his clothes fit anymore. If he doesn't wear a belt he looks like those kids you see with their pants below their butt with underwear showing :) I am so proud of him and also a little jealous. I think I am going to go work with there for a few weeks :) Just kidding... I am just going to start exercising here at home.

Well this post has been all over the place tonight....exactly where my mind has been the last week. I will end with a picture and question:

What is this?

A. Last night's dinner

B. A burnt offering

C. Something to be consumed during a Survivor challenge :)

D. Nobody knows


Gabby said...

LOL!!! what the heck is that???? Did PeePaw decide to cook for once? LOL!!!! J/K!!!

Sara said...

Starting a new school can be nervous for all ages including the mom! I know Caleb and Taylor will do great with the change. Congrats to Matt! Losing weight is no easy kudos to Matt!

Hmmm...did the chef burn dinner???

Cindy said...

I've noticed Matt looks slimmer these days...wasn't sure how he'd feel about me commenting to him about it, though.

School will be sounds like Taylor and Caleb both have conscientious teachers who will love and teach them well. What day does Caleb start? Will starts on Wednesday, but we won't know who his official teacher will be until after the first week of staggered days.

Holly Aytes said...

Caleb goes on both fridays...the 15th and 22nd. Do you know which classroom is Will's? I like knowing both who his teacher is and where the classroom is...made Caleb feel better to meet his teacher and explore his room before he has to go without me!

He would have been fine with you commenting...only a few people have.

Ginger said...

My Will goes Wednesday for the open house and then for half days the rest of the week. I am seriously crushed. I didn't think I would take it this hard.......I know he will love it, but I am so sad he is going to have to go to school EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!

Hope Morris said...

I'm quessing - C. Something to be eaten on Survivor! Was that answer just for me???