Monday, August 18, 2008

Caleb's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Caleb went to his 1st day of real school last Friday. I would have posted then but our computer decided to die on us so that wasn't possible, even now I am having to post from my in-laws computer :)

Caleb did great (much better than me). He was really excited to go that morning. He carefully picked out his clothes the night before and helped pack his lunch. He was a little hard to rouse that morning but since he isn't a morning person I knew that would happen. I carried him from his bed to the couch :( I got his breakfast together while he laid sleepily on the couch. Once he got dressed he started to perk up.

Then it was time to leave the house (something I didn't want to do). We drove to the school and finally found a parking sport. He walked in so big with his backpack full of new school supplies that he helped pick out and his batman lunch box swinging (and me choking back tears and saying "I won't cry while he can see me". He did hold my hand though and I am grateful for that small thing :) We sat in the cafeteria with all these other kindergartens and their parents waiting to be told to take them to their class. Fianlly we got "cleared" to escort them to their class along with a warning the we would be allowed to walk them to their class on that day and the next friday but that when school started full time on monday we would have to drop them outside like all the other kids! WHAT!!!! I sat there thinking to myself you have got to be kidding, there is no way he can find his classroom after seeing it 2 times! Apparently though they think he will b/c they are firm on us not walking them in :(

When we got to his room he was all of the sudden shy. He held my hand a little longer :) as we got settled in by putting his stuff up and then starting on a coloring sheet.
Then it was time for me to go. He gave me multiple hugs and kisses which I gladly took. His teacher informed me that he was going to be fine to which I replied "it isn't him I am worried about, it is me that isn't going to be fine." And I turned my baby over to someone else and walked out of his room :(

I didn't look back b/c I didn't want him to see me crying. As I walked down the hallway the tears were streaming down my face. I managed to find my car, even though I couldn't really see and there I finally lost it! I bawled the whole way home.

My car felt empty with him chattering away to me.

The house felt empty when he didn't come running to hug me (which he always did whenever I came home even if I was only gone a little while).

I couldn't wait for noon to come.

Noon came and Caleb came home (Matt picked him up b/c Madison had open house at her school). He had a blast and said his teacher was very nice and that he liked her. He is ready to go back and can't wait until Friday (this is nice right now b/c I am sure in a few years I will probably have to drag him out of bed b/c he won't want to get up and go to school)!

I have this week to prepare myself for him leaving everday. I do hope that this friday I can control myself a little better but if I was a betting person I wouldn't put any money on it :)


Cindy said...

Oh Holly, you got me all choked up again! Caleb is all smiles, and it sounds like he had a great first day of kindergarten.

Will's school wants us to drop them off at the school entrance on Monday, too. Will the safety patrols help escort them, I wonder? Surely, they've got this down by now (the staff) and have some plan to get all those kindergartners to the right places. We'll just have to swallow hard and pray for the best!!

Gabby said...

Aww~ you had me crying! I totally know how you feel! He will do fine going in on his own. They catch on faster than you may think. Kelsey already knows things that I was surprised about since she has only been twice now. I have to drop her off monday next week too. They show them where to go. They are really good about all of that. I am glad they do the staggering in like they do so they aren't just thrown in the first full week. Friday is the last day to walk her in. I think. I know it is sad letting go but just remember God is watching over him.