Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random happenings!

Wow, now that school is in full swing I don't have as much time to blog. We have been so busy. Taylor is in her 3rd full week of school (is that possible?), Caleb has just started his first full week and Madison has completed her 1st week of preschool :) Everyone is really happy and adjusting very well. I am exhausted though....I need a few more weeks of summer and I just want to sleep during them :)

Taylor is really excited about riding the bus daily (and to be honest, I am enjoying it too). She is signing up for lots of extra circular things (this is the first year that she has done more than one thing at a time during the school year).

She is running Cross Country this year (her 1st day was yesterday and she was all smiles when I picked her up). She will practice on Mondays and Thursdays after school from 2:45 until 4:00 and have meets on Tuesdays at 5:00 at a couple of different places here in Knoxville.

She also is taking art lessons on Fridays after school (but it is held at the school) until 4:15. This is something she has been begging to do so she is really thrilled about that.

Of course she is continuing with Girls Scouts which will be every other Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:30.

And Wednesdays are Church. Not sure where we are going to squeeze in homework (but we will b/c if grades start going down then these extras will be disappearing).

Caleb wants to do soccer and Taekwondo. We have a month of free Taekwondo lessons so we are going to give that a shot and Upward has soccer for his age. He has never done anything so this is going to be interesting and I am going to be even more exhausted.

Madison has adjusted so well to preschool. She wants to go everyday and is upset sometimes when she can't. This morning when dropping her off she put her backpack down and walked into her room, I didn't get a kiss, hug or even a "good-bye". I guess that is good but kinda made me sad that she is becoming so independent. She loves showing off her artwork when I pick her up....she has already made some things to grace the front of the fridge.

Her "kissing hand"

Her "spotty puppy"

For some reason she had been wanting to wear Caleb's jammies alot. Here they are dressed alike at bedtime....she is wearing Caleb's boxers and her matching VBS t-shirt

And on a final note, we have a new "baby" at our house....

Meet the newest member of our family....our 50" flat screen plasma tv that Matt won at work. Dr Pepper had a drawing last Friday for a few prizes with one of them being this tv. We had known about it for weeks and Matt had been saying "I am going to win that tv". I wasn't convinced but it seems he was right. He is loving it as are me and the kids. Movies are great on it, the Olympics were fun to watch on it (we TIVOed them so are watching them again), and even the cartoons haven't been too bad (though I have refused to let the kids watch Spongebob, I can't stand him on a small screen much less life-sized :) It was a nice surprise to win this nice of a gift. We LOVE Dr Pepper :)

Matt's weight loss is up to 40 lbs, I am so proud of him. Now I really gotta get on the ball, I can't have him being skinner than me :)


Sara said...

You are gonna be so busy with all the extra curricular activities for all your kids! Wow!!

Tell me about Matt's job...yay on the big screen tv win! Very cool.

Gabby said...

Love it!!!! So jealous!!!!

Ginger said...

Let me know how Caleb likes taekwondo. I think Will might enjoy that.
JW will be so jealous of that TV!! He wants a new one so bad. But, that is WAY down on our list!!!That is so cool that he won that!

Melanie said...

Wish I had the luck of winning such a great tv!

I can't believe you are taking on all of those extra activities! At least it sounds like Taylor's will be at school and just require a later pick up. They all sound fun and I can't wait to hear more!